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My ancestors


My great-great-grandparents with seven of their children.
David "DW" Trentham is seated at the far left. His wife Annie Emma Gosa Trentham is seated to the right.  We believe Sebron is to the left of the girl in the pretty striped dress.

Annie Emma's father was a Confederate infantry veteran, and her grandfather was a veteran of the American revolution.  Her mother's family includes Lucases and Guins. 



Above: My great-great-great-grandfather, David William Trentham (1811-1891). 
There are two versions of his ancestry so far. One holds that his great-great-grandfather, Martin Trentham I, came to North Carolina from Staffordshire, England and died before the American Revolution. The other maintains that his ancestor Thomas Trentham was born in England in 1621 and came over from England on the ship The Blessing when he was 14 years old. There is a village in northern England named Trentham, and a Trentham is said to have fought with William the Conqueror.

Left:  My great-great-great-grandmother, Mahala Jane Kinard Trentham (d. 1917).
Mahala's family was very German.  Her ancestors include Kinards (Kynnard) from Baden-Baden, Lagrones (Grom), Herrs (Hair), and Scheids from Wurttemberg, and Stochmans, Lohrs, and Schmidts from Prussia.